Our Services

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Hull Repairs

  • Repair/Replacement of side shells by insertion
  • Steel repair inside tanks
  • Repair/replacement of bottom/deck longtudinals
  • Repair/replacement of deck
  • Repair/replacement of stiffners.

Highly skilled workforce will enable the jobn to be carried out in afloat or in dry-dock.The hull repair team is manned with efficient and highly skilled techinicains who are committed to quality control at international standards.

A S P Global

Hydroblasting Jobs

We offers services for hull blasting and painting of various type of vessels in accordance to painting specifications.With various Hydro blasting machine and supporting machinery supply logistics, we undertake blasting and subsequent painting of Hull of vessel to quality standards required by client. The primary focus will be to deliver superior products consistently at competitive pricing there by gaining customers satisfaction.A brilliant technical core of engineers for project management and welders approved by surveying society to ASME/CLASS codes also enhances the production quality.

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Fabrication Services

Structural Jobs

Our dedicated fabrication shop can handle structural and piping fabrication to all dimensions
and for all material grades like mild steel & aluminum.Our team can give assistance for onsite
measurement, fabrication and fitting services. The services we offer

  • Steel (mild steel &stainless steel) fabrication
  • Aluminum fabrication.
  • Bending.
  • Welding
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Mechanical Services

  • Engine Overhauling
  • Winches refurbishment.
  • Pumps, valves overhauling
  • Compressor Overhauling
  • Cooler Servicing.
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Manpower services

  • Fabricators.
  • Welders (6G & 4G- SMA,TIG,MIG)
  • Hydro blasters
  • Spray Painters
  • Mechanics
  • Electricians
  • Tank Cleaners
  • Helpers
A S P Global

Piping Jobs

The services for piping jobs include prefabrication of piping spools based on Isometric drawings and fabrication of pipe spools for repair procedure. The installation of the same is carried onboard of repair or new build vessels.
Fabrication of Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metal pipe are carried out in accordance with engineering drawings and pipe samples and fitted onboard with proven flange management methods and techniques.