Frequently Asked Questions

We know you all have questions about how we can help you, what we do and who we are. Below are some of the questions we receive the most. Click on the question to get the answer. If we haven’t answered your question below, send us a question from the contact page or email us directly. The instant contact form gets sent directly to our office and one of our staff will be happy to respond to you.


What is it going to cost to fix my boat?

This is likely the #1 question we get asked here at ASP Global. In most cases it is difficult to answer with a final cost prior to doing a full visual survey of the vessel but here is what we do know

How much does it cost to haul my boat out of the water?

The cost varies depending on the length of the boat and the travel lift machine used. We have a 75 ton and a 220 ton lift that allows us to safely haul out virtually every size boat. The following our rates as provided by Shelter Island Marina and are subject to change without notice. Please call for an estimate.

How much does it cost for pressure washing?

ASP Global’s Boats environmentally friendly pressure washing is at the following rate:

75 ton lift – $80 per hour + $1.50 per boat foot

220 ton lift – $80 per hour + $3.00 per boat foot

Vessels are pressure washed in our Environmental Water Treatment Pit which was constructed in 2008. This system contains the contaminants from the hull of the vessel which helps keep the boat yard environmentally friendly. The water is recycled and the system collects the contaminants into holding tanks through a drainage system which is then hauled away for proper disposal.

Can I work on my own boat at the yard?

Yes! Shelter Island Marina and ASP Global’s Boats encourages a collaborative approach to your boats. It is not unusual for clients to provide a hands-on approach to all the work performed although we have highly trained skilled craftsmen equipped to take on any marine repair and restoration job.

Can I supply my own materials for the job?

Can I supply my own materials for the job?

Yes in most cases customers can supply their own materials for the boat repair or restoration, however, we have done years of work creating wholesaler relationships with the top suppliers to the marine trades industry. Take advantage of our dealer pricing such that you have access to the top suppliers at the best volume discounted pricing.

Do you do engine mechanical work?

Yes. ASP Global’s Boats has a fully operational mechanical shop on site with the ability to perform engine rebuilds and removals.

How much does it cost for lay days or storage days while the boat is being repaired?

It depends on the length of boat and length of stay while being repaired. We will provide a best estimate as far as time expected in the yard in order to take advantage of any extended stay discounted rates.

Do you paint the topsides?

Yes, each boat is unique so the level of finish will need to be discussed and agreed upon. Commodore’s Boats paint specialists will provide to each unique situation a free consultation and analysis on what is best for your particular situation and boat.

Painting Wood
Painting Aluminum
Painting Fibreglass
Painting Steel
Many yachts from Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest have passed through the hands of our expert painting crew.